Bigg Boss 14 December 9 Highlights: Vikas And Arshi Get Into An Ugly Spat; Latter Even Slaps Him On His Hand

Bigg Boss 14 December 9 Highlights: Vikas And Arshi Get Into An Ugly Spat; Latter Even Slaps Him On His Hand



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The December 9 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin and Abhinav Shukla discussing Vikas Gupta waking up everyone at night. Arshi Khan is seen targeting Jasmin by stating that she should be asked to cook breakfast for everyone. Jasmin into an argument over it and even Vikas asks Arshi not to target people. New captain Manu Punjabi discusses duties with the housemates and it leads to another argument.

Later, Arshi asks Jasmin and Vikas to leave the kitchen so that she can make breakfast. Arshi then asks Vikas to smash the potatoes faster and this does not sit well with Vikas. He lashes out at while she questions his changed behaviour. She asks him as to why is he finishing the ration and waking up everyone at night. Arshi then states that she believes that he is given a task. This leads to an even uglier argument where Arshi even ends up slapping Vikas’ hand. Everyone arrives in the kitchen area and tries to stop the warring duo. This doesn’t deter them and keep fighting.

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Rahul Mahajan, Rubina, Abhinav and Jasmin discuss Vikas finishing the ration. Rubina points out that he has finished already finished the curds while captain Manu is also seen questions Vikas for overusing the ration in the kitchen Later, Arshi taunts Vikas by saying that he should open a Vikas Paratha Center.

Bigg Boss then announces this week’s nomination task that dives the house into two groups. The ‘window shopping’ task will have each team ensuring that their window is cleaner than the other team. BB also provides both the teams with props and one member of each team will use those props and sit as a mannequin on the display area. Captain Manu Punjabi is the sanchalak and will decide the winner of each round and the task. Vikas, Rubina, Jasmin and Kashmera Shah are in one while Abhinav, Eijaz Khan, Arshi and Rahul are in the other team.

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The tasks begin with Arshi throwing dirty water on Vikas’ shop. The housemates continue to fight and spoil each other’s game. Manu declares Eijaz’s team as the winner of the first round and then sides with Vikas’ team in the second round. Later, Arshi and Vikas erupt at each other again. The former throws mud on him for pouring dirty water on her eyes. However, it was Rubina who did it. Arshi continues to trouble Vikas and even calls him a ‘nalla mastermind.’

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