Bigg Boss 14 December 31 Highlights: Jasmin Asks Aly To Propose To Her; Rahul Mahajan Becomes The New Captain

Bigg Boss 14 December 31 Highlights: Jasmin Asks Aly To Propose To Her; Rahul Mahajan Becomes The New Captain



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The December 31 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Aly Goni handing over all his coins to Rahul Mahajan in the captaincy task. Aly is livid over the fact that Rakhi Sawant ripped of Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti in the game. This is followed by almost the entire house going up in arms against Rakhi for her behaviour. Aly even demands to cancel the task.

Rahul Mahajan is seen saying that if he was a woman this would have been a police case. In the meantime, Rakhi tries explaining that she was just performing the given task to Sonali Phogat while the miffed housemates decide to stop the captaincy task. Rakhi apologises to Rahul after Sonali’s intervention but contestants refuse to accept the apology. They decide to end the task by handing over the coins to Rahul Mahajan but Sonali and Eijaz refuse to surrender. They want to be in the captaincy task.

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After some time, Bigg Boss calls Rakhi and Rahul in the confession room and tries to resolve the differences away from the ‘influence’ of other contestants. Rakhi breaks down but Rahul doesn’t want to do any task with her. On the other hand, Rakhi says she craved for his attention. However, Rahul states that they cannot be friends as it would hurt his self-respect.

This is followed by Bigg Boss expressing his disappointment in the housemates and cancelling the task. Aly, Nikki Tamboli and Jasmin Bhasin continue their tirade against Rakhi. They discuss her behaviour during the task and criticize her. The new day also begins with hullabaloo over Rakhi having not done the dishes. Rakhi is of the opinion that she should not be asked to do the chore as Vikas Gupta’s captaincy has ended.

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Bigg Boss announces the new captaincy task and says that it will be between Rakhi, Rahul and Arshi Khan. The trio will be hosting three different parties for new years and the one with maximum guests will be the new captain of the house. The other housemates will be the guests. Rakhi tries patching up with Aly and Jasmin in order to win the task. Vikas Gupta is also seen supporting Rakhi. Eventually, most housemates chose to make Rahul Mahajan the new captain and welcome New Year 2021 with festive fervour.

Jasmin is seen telling Aly to convince her parents and propose her soon while they hugged and wished each other. Jasmin says, “Tu propose kar, nahi tu mummy papa ko convince kar, propose kar. Fir shaadi ki date fix kar (You propose to me, no first convince my parents and then fix the date for our wedding).” However, Aly is hesitant as he fears this might upset Jasmin’s parents. Jasmin tries convincing him and says that he should not be afraid of talking as they will agree if he convinces them. Aly replies by stating, “I will be hurt if they refuse, by chance.”

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