Bigg Boss 14 December 29 Highlights: Jasmin’s Action Results In Rakhi Getting Hurt; Rahul-Arshi Lock Horns

Bigg Boss 14 December 29 Highlights: Jasmin’s Action Results In Rakhi Getting Hurt; Rahul-Arshi Lock Horns



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The December 29 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Rakhi Sawant blasts Arshi Khan for not washing the utensils. Rubina Dilaik complains to captain Vikas Gupta saying that she will not cook lunch as Arshi has not done her duty. Eijaz Khan tries mediating but Rubina tells him not to butt in. Vikas tells Arshi to do her work followed by Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. Later, Vikas and Rakhi have a chat about coffee where the former tells her to hide the coffee and she does it.

This is followed by a miffed Rakhi cursing people by stating that those who will fight with her will meet with a huge accident. Jasmin tries to stop her while Aly Goni completely flips over Rakhi’s words and says he will spit on her face. Rakhi warns them to not look at her coffee. Jasmin calls Rakhi a mad woman while Rahul Vaidya tries to simmer down Aly.

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In the next scene, Rakhi and Arshi start fighting. Arshi tells Rakhi to not act like Dolly Bindra. Rakhi continues to protect her coffee. This leads to a parallel altercation between Rahul Vaidya and Arshi. Arshi accuses Rahul of body-shaming her and says that people were correct when they said that he does not respect women. Rahul retaliates by saying that Arshi is begging for an audience.

Rahul Mahajan gives Vaidya a reality check and tells him that he did indeed body-shame her. He adds that he saw Arshi crying but doesn’t really care. Meanwhile, Abhinav Shukla tries to make Arshi Khan understand the situation.

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Later in the day, Abhinav and Rahul are seen having fun with Rakhi while she talks about ‘Papita.’ Jasmin thinks she is making fun of her and tells Nikki that Rakhi needs footage. Rakhi teases Mahajan as Julie while Nikki and Jasmin play football with Rakhi’s ‘duck ki mundi.’ This is followed by Jasmin putting the duck head on Rakhi and she starts crying. Rakhi accuses Jasmin of hurting her nose while Jasmin continues to mock her and even calls her a drama queen. Aly tells her not to poke fun at Rakhi. Eijaz and Sonali Phogat console Rakhi. A worried Rubina says Rakhi is saying that her stitches have opened.

Aly Goni slams Jasmin and asks her why did she do this. She says she was angry. Captain Vikas takes her to the medical room. Jasmin once again calls Rakhi fake and keeps on calling Rakhi a drama queen. Rakhi continues to howl. Vikas Gupta and Sonali Phogat discuss how Rakhi. Vikas says people have no humanity and are talking trash. Jasmin cries badly and Rahul Mahajan consoles her.

Later Bigg Boss schools Jasmin for hurting Rakhi’s nose and then not understanding the situation. Jasmin tries to reason by saying that Rakhi banged her head on the table and put the blame on her. Rubina consoles Rakhi while Aly Goni consoles Jasmin. Captain Vikas is seen assisting Rakhi in giving her comfortable clothes. Nikki and Aly are seen telling Jasmin that she should not have cried.

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