Bigg Boss 14 December 25 Highlights: Vikas & Eijaz Get Into A Nasty Fight; Housemates Get Letters From Family

Bigg Boss 14 December 25 Highlights: Vikas & Eijaz Get Into A Nasty Fight; Housemates Get Letters From Family



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The December 25 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Arshi Khan apologising to Aly Goni but he refuses to forgive her for betraying him and Rahul Vaidya. This is followed by Bigg Boss asking the housemates to choose two contestants whom they would want to send to jail between Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli and Aly.

This announcement leads to an argument between Rubina Dilaik and the housemates while Rahul Vaidya tries to give reasons for not deserving the jail sentence. Later, we see Abhinav Shukla coming out to defend his wife.

Bigg Boss 14

Later, Vikas Gupta and Eijaz Khan get into an ugly fight over Eijaz’s father and his ex-girlfriend. Vikas calls Eijaz a ‘ganda aadmi’ and claims that Eijaz is taking revenge. He also reveals that Eijaz’s ex-girlfriend got closer to him while cheating on Eijaz.

Meanwhile, since the housemates fail to choose two contestants, Bigg Boss sends all three them (Rahul, Nikki and Aly) in the jail. The next morning, Bigg Boss wishes the contestants for Christmas whilst giving them the opportunity to become a postman and give a letter to another housemate from his or her loved one.

Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi Sawant hands Rubina her letter. Rubina gets emotional while reading her parents’ words. Eijaz on the other hand becomes the Santa Claus postman for Jasmin Bhasin. She starts sobbing while reading her parents’ letter. This is followed by Arshi giving Eijaz his letter. The contestant breaks down while reading it while everyone tries to console him. After Eijaz, Abhinav gets lucky as Jasmin gives him his letter. Abhinav’s letter from his parents gets the cutest reaction from the housemates. Rakhi gets a letter from her husband and also gets emotional and teary-eyed.

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