Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan Accuses Vikas Gupta Of Leaving His Mother, Says, ‘She Needed Rs 50,000 For Her Treatment’

Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan Accuses Vikas Gupta Of Leaving His Mother, Says, 'She Needed Rs 50,000 For Her Treatment'



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The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14 had host Salman Khan schooling Arshi Khan for her misbehaviour with Vikas Gupta. The actor blasted out Arshi and called out the other housemates for not taking a stand during their fight. For the unversed, Vikas was eliminated this past week for pushing Arshi in the pool.

But in her response to Salman’s scolding, Arshi ended up speaking about Vikas’ personal life and familial issues on national television. She claimed that Vikas has left his mother when she needed him the most.

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Arshi said, “He said my father called him to be friends with me. Only then I said I could also say things about his mom. I did not use any wrong words. I just meant that a person who does not respect his own parents should not tell me about my affairs. Please evict me if I used any wrong words. Vikas’s mother needed him but he did not help her.”

Arshi then claimed that Vikas didn’t take care of her mother and even threw her out of his house. “His mother called and told me that Vikas had asked her to not talk to me. She also told me that Vikas does not take care of her. She needs 50,000 rupees for her medicines etc. Vikas did not take care of her, he even kicked her out of his house and sent her away to Dehradun,” she added.

However, it must be noted that what Arshi has stated is contrary to the claims that Vikas had made in one of his Instagram posts. For the uninitiated, Vikas had revealed a while back that his family disowned him after he opened up on his sexuality.

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