Archana Puran Singh Breaks Down On Being Called Budhi | Archana Requests People Not To Make Negative Comments

Archana Puran Singh Breaks Down On Being Called Budhi | Archana Requests People Not To Make Negative Comments



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Archana Puran Singh, who is seen as a permanent special guest in Sony TV’s The Kapil Sharma Show, is quite active on social media. She has been sharing funny videos with her maid Bhagyashri. But the actress, who has always been smiling and making others laugh, broke down during a live Instagram session. The actress was upset as few people called her ‘Budhi’.

Expressing her displeasure over such negative comments, Archana was seen telling in the video, “Some people on my feed have said budhi. So I want to ask that budhi means age and yes I have two grown-up sons. Isn’t everyone’s mother budhi? My mother is budhi so why is it used as a bad word?”

Archana Puran Singh Breaks Down On Being Called Budhi; Requests People Not To Make Negative Comments

She further added, “If you guys are thinking that you all are insulting me then it doesn’t matter to me but don’t use it as abuse. However, with the kind of intention, you’ll say I feel like giving it back. So it’s a request don’t make any such negative comments.”

Archana thanked all the people who praised her, and said to trollers that it’s not necessary to look good all the time. She added that she looks very good for her husband and kids, and she is very happy about it.

It’s heartbreaking to watch a person in tears, who makes us laugh! We hope that people comment sensitively!

On the other hand, a month ago, Kiku had revealed that Archana is very much aware of the jokes and sly digs that are taken on her on the show. He also mentioned that she takes all the jokes quite sportingly and never gets offended by their jokes.

Kiku was quoted by TOI as saying, “When we shoot for TKSS we make sure that any celebrity visiting our show should not feel bad. We draw a line and don’t go over the top with our jokes. We try our best to not hurt anyone with our jokes. We make fun of each other and pull each other’s leg. Archana ji is as much as a co-star like any of us. One needs to understand that she is part of the team and we create jokes sitting with each other. She is very much aware of what jokes are going to be cracked and what the script is.”

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