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Amitabh Bachchan's blog turns 12, he wonders how fans could 'tolerate' it this long!

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan took to social media to celebrate the completion of 12 years of his blog. At the same time, he has left a question for his readers, asking them how did they “tolerate” his blog for so many years!

Big B tweeted on Friday morning: “12 YEARS of my Blog today .. began first DAY on 17th April 2008 .. today 4424 DAYs , thats four thousand four hundred and twenty four days of writing my Blog .. EVERYDAY , without missing out a single day .. ! Thank you my Ef .. love and because of you.”

At the same time, the actor expressed how he “can’t believe” how people “tolerate” his blog. He wrote: “12 years! that is simply unbelievable .. I mean not for me , but you … how could you tolerate this Blog for 12 years! But truly without all of you .. it would never have been possible..17th April 2020 .. 17th April 2008!”

The veteran actor shared an emoji of himself which has a piercing in the tongue. He joked about it on his blog, saying: “Do not miss the tongue pierce in the memoji ; and the beard growth .. Rochelle feels its not a lawn mower I need .. I need to let it out to the goats!”

Big B recently took to social media to applaud the unity shown by human beings at a time when the world is battling the deadly COVID 19 pandemic. “Of this there is no doubt at all, that during this pandemic.. irrespective of caste colour creed or belief.. friend, acquaintance or unknown.. never before and perhaps never after has one human shown so much concern and sympathy for another.. there is but one common refrain on every lip.. be safe, be protected,” he wrote.


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