Amit Sadh On Increased Toxicity On Social Media | We Really Need To Introspect As A Nation

Amit Sadh On Increased Toxicity On Social Media | We Really Need To Introspect As A Nation



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Social media has observably taken a turn for worse with regard to negativity and toxicity in the last few months. At a time when celebrities are being attacked left, right and centre, actor Amit Sadh opened up on how he is coping with the pressures of having to ‘speak out’ on social media.

Amit Sadh On Increased Toxicity On Social Media

Talking about trolls and harassers on social media, Amit Sadh told Hindustan Times, “I have my own system. I also get trolled whenever I do something. Who are these people, I want to ask them back, they are just sitting at home and tweeting. Basically, you are not even trolling, you are harassing people. Again, you can’t go and fight these people.”

He continued, “When I want to be silent, I will be silent, and same when I want to speak up. I talk without inhibitions, and I will choose. I may not be as vocal with everyone, it’s a choice. If you are silent, and for someone to actually accuse you, make life hell for you, is wrong. Again, it’s a twenty edged sword, that is going to pierce you.” Amit said that one cannot accept the good side without accepting the ‘uncomfortable side’.

Amit, who had starred alongside the late Sushant Singh Rajput in Kai Po Che!, said, “Even I am being trolled for Sushant they say ‘you are quiet, I am unfollowing you. Sometimes, when I am in the mood, I also say ‘thanks, one less person to take care of’, because I am very protective of my fans. Agar ek kam hai, it’s better that I pay more attention to the other one. Again, it’s not about public figure, as a whole nation it’s time we introspect, let’s not abuse social media. We are abusing it. My whole thing is if you don’t have love or respect, don’t abuse people. A lot of people abuse women, what country are we becoming? I feel I can’t run away, I have a social responsibility. I will be an example and lead from the front.”

Amit was last seen in the Amazon Prime web series Breathe: Into The Shadows. It also starred Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menen.

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