After Sushant Singh Rajput Death, Shamita Shetty Opens Up On Battling Depression

After Sushant Singh Rajput Death, Shamita Shetty Opens Up On Battling Depression



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After the tragic death by suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, actress Shamita Shetty has opened up about her own struggles with depression. In a note where she has poured her heart out, Shamita wrote that depression is something that feeds on every part of one’s soul. She also revealed that it took her a while to recognize and accept it. She said that she has mustered the courage to look it in its eyes and say that she is stronger.

After Sushant’s Death, Shamita Opens Up On Depression

In her post, Shamita wrote, “Depression..anyone of us can go through it…recognise it..accept it..n reach out for help in whichever way you can!! It can pull you into a very dark place, where hope n happiness don’t exist.. it tries to break u.. it feeds on every part of ur soul.. everything hurts, you become your own worst enemy in this dark terrible becomes ur reality!! The world we live in doesn’t know ur journey.. yet it’s so prompt to judge! To hate! Waiting to pull u down!! U fall in the eyes of ur own goals n expectations n u start to judge urself ,then..u MAKE ur reality a dark one! But none of that matters as this is your journey n urs alone !!!”

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She continued, “I know the pain because I’ve been through it.. it took me a while to recognise and accept muster up courage, look it right in the eyes n say I’m stronger than you .. n I will beat you! I don’t know why I felt like writing this today .. I feel like this world is changing, so much is happening around us that is changing us , but let this phase make us stronger not weaker.”

She urged all those fighting mental illness to seek help.

“People say u never know ur strengths until u face ur struggles. Life is a blessing, we need to recount all those memories that brought us joy, brought a smile to our face. Recount all the difficult times that you conquered in your past and you will realise that no situation is too difficult to overcome !!! We all have inner strength to take on anything that this world throws at us, we just have to channelise it and confront it head on !!!!” she signed off.

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It is reported that Sushant was suffering from depression, and had been seeking help for it from six months.

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