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Abhishek Bachchan teases Farah Khan by asking her to upload workout video

Mumbai: Actor Abhishek Bachchan has pulled filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan’s leg saying she should upload her workout video during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. Abhishek’s jibe comes in the wake of Farah’s complaint against several top B-Town celebrities who have been posting fitness videos on social media amid the COVID-19 crisis.

On Tuesday, when Farah posted a couple of fresh tweets, it was Abhishek’s turn to tease her about her earlier comments related to celebrity workouts, though this time Farah did not raise the subject.

Farah tweeted: “Pandemic teachings: cupboard full of clothes ,when all i need r 2 outfits.. Nighttime nighty & Daytime nighty.”

“Pandemic Teachings 2:-learning who my real friends are.. my new Bff’s-BabuRam vegetable wala.. Swapnil from hiral Grocery Stores .. Noble Chemist ka Pawan.. n pesca Fish ki Nalini.. thank you.”

To this, Abhishek wrote: “Thank you! Ab workout video upload Karo!”

For those who came in late, a few weeks back on March 26, Farah had expressed disappointment towards several “privileged” stars in a video, for considering “staying into shape” as important concern when the world is going through serious health crises. Several among the Twitterarti, including actor Arjun Kapoor, had teased her back then over what Farah said, notably: “Toh please humare upar reham kijiye aur aapke workout videos band kar dijiye and if you can”http://zeenews.india.com/”t stop then please don’t feel bad if I unfollow you.”


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