Abhinav Shukla Opens Up About Actors Plight Over Non-Payment Of Dues In The TV Industry

Abhinav Shukla Opens Up About Actors Plight Over Non-Payment Of Dues In The TV Industry



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A number of actors and technicians from the television industry, in the past few days, have come forward to state that their producers haven’t paid them for their work. In the same vein, Abhinav Shukla, who had dragged the makers of his show, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka over non-payment of dues has revealed that he is still waiting for his hard-earned money for over two years now.

Abhinav told SpotBoyE, “The worse feeling in the world is begging for something which one has earned. It’s a fact that in our industry one has to work very hard to survive and work even harder to get the payment of that hard work. I have fortunately worked with one of the best production houses in Mumbai who’s professionalism and conduct was inspiring. But I also have worked with a few who have shook my belief in ethics and professionalism.”

Abhinav Shukla

He went on to add, “Unfortunately many actors, who are living hand to mouth, can’t afford a delay in payments. They have to pay the bills, rent, EMI’s and have to maintain a standard of living, which is demanding. Hence, once their payment is delayed they go into desperation and many resort to social media shaming, few get rough and unruly and that gives an excuse to the employer not to pay the actor on moral and legal grounds. An actor or person who is already professionally and emotionally hurt is now stuck in a double whammy.”

Abhinav concluded by stating that many actors are discouraged from taking the legal route as it’s a lengthy process, hence leaving them with no option but to accept any negotiated amount that’s offered by the employer.

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