A Fan Performs Aarti Of Sonu Sood, The Actor Replies Humbly

A Fan Performs Aarti Of Sonu Sood; The Actor Replies Humbly



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An actor has turned ‘Messiah’ for all the people, who were earlier stranded in different parts of the country amid the nationwide lockdown in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. We’re speaking about none other than, Sonu Sood, who has set a brilliant example of humanity while arranging buses for the migrant labourers so that they could reach their homes.

The actor is constantly helping the stranded labourers and is very active on his Twitter page. From replying to the needy netizens, who are looking up to Sood for help, to sending love to the netizens, who have reached home safely because of him, the Dabangg 3 actor is winning millions of hearts.


Amid all the praises, Sonu Sood replied to a video of a fan, who can be seen performing aarti of his picture and calling the actor ‘God’. The fan wrote that human being like Sonu Sood should be worshipped as because of him, he was reunited with his mom. While sharing the video, the fan wrote, “@SonuSood जो मां से मिला दे वो भगवान होता है🙏🏽जो मां से मिला दे वो भगवान होता है। सोनू सूद जैसा हर इन्सान भगवान नहीं होता है @SonuSood में तो आपको भगवान ही मानता हूं अपने मेरे सपनों को बचाया और मां से मिलाया#sonusood.”

Sonu replied to his video humbly and wrote, “अरे भाई ऐसा मत कर। माँ से कहना मेरे लिए भी रोज़ दुआ माँग ले। सब सही हो जाएगा।”

The simplicity and sincerity of Sonu Sood towards his fans is indeed heart-warming. In such difficult times, Sonu is leaving no stone unturned to keep humanity alive. We’re proud of you Sonu Sood!

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